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This course provides students with cocept of Basic Principles of maintenance planning, Importance and benefits of sound Maintenance systems, MTBF, MTTR and MWT, Maintenance economics, Preventive maintenance, maintenance schedules, repair cycle, Principles and methods of lubrication, Ultrasonic: A new method for condition monitoring And Temperature sensitive tapes


1.Will familiarize about Failure analysis

2.Will demonstrate Failures and their development

3.Will develop Equipment records


There is no particular prerequisite to learn Maintenance Engineering  you will be able to do very well, if you have these basic skills: 

1. Good Analytics Skills

2. Good Understanding Skills

3. Good Communication Skills


Course Study Materials
Module 1 : Introduction
  • 1.1 Introduction
  • Introduction 9 Questions
Module 2 : Discrete Time System Analysis
  • 2.1 Discrete Time System Analysis
  • Discrete Time System Analysis 9 Questions
Module 3 : Discrete Fourier Transform & Computation
  • 3.1 Discrete Fourier Transform & Computation
  • Discrete Fourier Transform & Computation 7 Questions
Module 4 : Design Of Digital Filters
  • 4.1 Design Of Digital Filters
  • Design Of Digital Filters 8 Questions
Module 5 : Digital Signal Processors
  • 5.1 Digital Signal Processors
  • Digital Signal Processors 7 Questions
Final Assessment
  • Final Assessment 20 Questions

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  • Students are required to take online assessments with eProctoring.
  • Students will be assessed both at the end of each module and at the end of the Course.
  • Students scoring a minimum of 50% in the assessments are considered for Certifications
  • 40 hours Learning Content
  • 100% online Courses
  • English Language
  • Certifications


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Discrete Time Systems & Signal Processing